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Getting Reel Good with Alisha Marfatia

August 23, 2022 Ryan Martin
eCommerce Australia
Getting Reel Good with Alisha Marfatia
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In this episode, we chat with the Director of The Social Impact and Co-Founder of Rise with Reels Alisha Marfatia. 

There is so much value for eCommerce businesses here regarding their video strategy, we cover topics like, how often should you post, what equipment you need, what platforms you should be active on and how to manage it all. 

Alisha also leaves us with a great tip and forecast as to how the next 12 months might evolve and how you will be best placed to use this information. 

She has an infectious energy and it was a great conversation! 

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Intro to Alisha Marfatia
How eCommerce businesses should be using video content
Short form video content
What equipment does an eComm business owner need to start?
Apps for editing your videos?
Average time people watch short form video content for?
How to best use the first 3 seconds..
Social Media Algorithm Discussion
Repurposing content for time poor business owners
YouTube shorts?
Who does Alisha look to for inspiration globally?
How much of yourself do you share on Social Media?
How many Reels should we be posting?
How do brands work with you?
What can we expect from the different platforms looking forward?
Insta Tip (must listen)